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Eating Disorders Treatment Arizona
My special passion as a therapist is working with those who suffer from an eating disorder. If you suffer from an eating disorder, the relationship with food is not simple, but is instead a complicated, multi-faceted connection with what is a biological necessity for everyone. Food is no longer seen as a daily requirement that is pleasurable, yet instead becomes something that is feared, dreaded or cannot be controlled.

What Does Treatment of Eating Disorders Look Like?

After a thorough assessment, we work together to formulate a treatment plan that is specific to you. Often, I recommend that a nutritionist or psychiatrist be part of the treatment team. The first step in treatment is to learn how to stop the dysfunctional behavior patterns of binging, purging, and/or restricting by learning how to work with the urges and cravings that trigger the disordered eating. I will often utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques as well to help you break dysfunctional behavior patterns. My next step in therapy is to examine underlying issues that perpetuated the eating disordered behavior in the first place. Many of these underlying issues originated in the earlier years of our lives and are then triggered later in life, thus perpetuating the dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts. Throughout the therapy process, I will continue to offer support, guidance, and education. To maximize the value of the treatment, I often encourage clients to invite spouses, significant others, and other family members into a session.

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