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Depression Anxiety


To battle the effects of depression and anxiety, we will use a variety of therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive, Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapy.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Change starts almost immediately. Progress is made through the accumulation of many small steps rather than relying on a huge breakthrough. In cognitive therapy, depression and anxiety are recognized as thought patterns that actually maintain the depressed and/or anxious mood. The goal of cognitive therapy is to replace these thought patterns with more balanced and healthy ones. Through self-talk, we will examine the things you say to yourself throughout the day that perpetuates the distress you are experiencing. We will continue to examine any faulty core beliefs you have about yourself or the world you live in. These beliefs were often developed earlier in your life and continue to trigger the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you experience every day.

In addition to paying attention to thought patterns, we recognize that depression and anxiety exists from dysfunctional behaviors that perpetuate a negative mood. Behavior change involves involves identifying the dysfunctional behaviors and replacing them with healthier types of behavior. Treatments for behavior change can include techniques such as assertiveness training, desensitization, and relaxation training. Together we will formulate experiments and action plans that will encourage you to challenge yourself with healthier behavior changes.

CBT also focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering. By examining and reflecting on the influences of your past, we can increase awareness about the origins and cause of your present behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Without this awareness and the analysis of the root causes for your current distress, any changes you make will likely be more temporary, like a bandaid is for a wound.

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Depression and Anxiety Counseling
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